Zurich’s Street Food Festival

I think San Francisco set the bar too high when it comes to eating out. There was so much variety in cuisine, a constant flow of new restaurants to try, high quality service, and reasonable prices. Zurich’s food scene seems to be slowly developing, but it just doesn’t even compare and I’m not sure it ever will. The variety of food options is quite limited and when we do find something out of the ordinary, it isn’t quite the same. Because of this, I tried to keep low expectations when heading into Zurich’s Street Food Festival this past weekend.

Street Food Festival_Sign

The festival was a combination of outdoor food trucks and indoor booths. The booths were located inside the large warehouse-like venue, Puls 5, and were nicely decorated according to their food theme. We got there shortly after it started and it was already packed. English was spoken all around me, which told me I wasn’t the only expat excited about some street food. 

Street Food Festival_Banana Boat

And guess what? I was happily surprised. The food was delicious, the drinks were good, the venue was fun, and it satisfied a few of my long time cravings. Namely, an actual chocolate chip cookie…full of brown sugar, chocolate chips, and a chewy center. Why is that so hard to find here? 

Street Food Festival_MichellesCupcakes

{from Michelle’s Cupcakes}

The big winner of the day was the pulled pork sandwich. It was so juicy that it dripped all over my jacket, but besides a few grease stains, I was completely satisfied with the flavors of the pulled pork combined with the crunch of the slaw and the soft red bun.

Street Food Festival_Pulled Pork

Other favorites were the dumplings from Wesley’s Kitchen… 

Street Food Festival_Dumplings

…the wagyu beef bun… 

Street Food Festival_Beef Bun

…the 65 hour cider steak…

Street Food Festival_CidreSteak

Street Food Festival_CidreSteak2

…and the tacos (though they were a bit on the boring side). 

Street Food Festival_Tacos

The lines were long, but we were in good company. Plus, it gave us time to get our stomachs ready for the next round. 

Street Food Festival_Group

I’m ready for round two! 

    1. I was looking up the good booths, but only a few of them actually have shops in Zurich. So frustrating! I’d love to grab a pulled pork sandwich on the weekend every once in a while. I’m hopeful for the food scene, but still keeping expectations low. Luckily, it’s coming back in May so we can have some more yummy food then.

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