Hey there! I’m Caitlin, and I’m the one making the recipes around here and writing about why you should kick dieting to the curb. I’m a health coach, and I’m on a mission to help women quit dieting for good so they can finally trust their food choices, be confident in their bodies, and live a life free from unnecessary rules and restrictions. This all takes place while eating and cooking some ridiculously delicious food.

When I’m not busy in the kitchen or teaching intuitive eating, I’m probably practicing yoga, playing with my baby boy, Cooper, traveling around Europe, drinking tea, doing a craft project, or eating the best chocolate in the whole wide world. I do live in Switzerland with my family, after all. As much as we love our hometown of the San Francisco Bay Area, we are happy to call Zurich home.

Enough about me.

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In 2011, I created my former site, teaspoon, in order to document my baking and crafting adventures and as a creative outlet from my mundane desk job. I eventually left my job, moved to Zurich with my husband, and spent my time studying yoga and nutrition. As it turns out, when I became happier in my everyday life, I didn’t need those sugar-filled goodies that I once relied on and blogged about. I didn’t want to spend my time baking anymore, I wanted to share my healthy weeknight meals. I wanted to talk about everything I know about a life without dieting. I debated whether to start an all new site, but decided that teaspoon is still part of me and my history, so along with my personal transformation came the site’s transformation to teaspoon living.

I still believe in eating and baking delicious desserts on occasion, but now I want to talk about living the good life. A healthy life. A life that includes all of the things that you love, but in the right balance. I want to show everyone how easy it is to make real food at home. I want to teach people about simple changes they can make to be a happier version of themselves. I want to help people get off the dieting roller coaster and start living and eating intuitively. I finally feel free from my personal funky relationship with food and I want to share with others that have similar issues. I want to talk about how being healthy doesn’t mean restriction, how to truly take pleasure in food without feeling guilt, and how adding more joy into your life will reduce the dependence on food for comfort.

Through easy and and delicious healthy recipes, practical tips on how to live a life without dieting, and some real life ramblings, I hope to inspire you to find the right measurements to create your own happy and healthy life. One teaspoon at a time.

Through easy and and delicious healthy recipes, meal plans, health tips, and real life ramblings, I hope to inspire you to find the right measurements to create your own happy and healthy life. One teaspoon at a time.

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