New Year’s Power Session


This YEAR IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT! This is how you want to feel in 2017:

  • You want to make a healthy lifestyle change rather than start another diet. 
  • You want to learn how to choose health foods because of how they taste and how they make you feel, not because you are “supposed” to eat them. 
  • You want to move your body often, and make it part of your routine, rather than dreading going to the gym. 
  • You want to stop using food to cope with your emotions, i.e. boredom, stress, sadness, anger. 
  • You want to make health a priority, even with your busy schedule. 
  • You want to be able to enjoy your social outings and not be worried about overindulging on food and drinks. 

You can look great, feel great, and be healthy this year without having to sacrifice a thing! Make health a part of your lifestyle in 2017. 

Let me help you. 


  • We meet for 90 minutes and set realistic goals for your new year, without putting you on a diet
  • We discuss your health concerns and figure out the best mindset and approach to deal with them. 
  • We discuss all your potential stressors and how to manage them without turning to food. 
  • We figure out how you want to move your body this year, in a way that will make you feel great. 

In my 90-minute New Year’s Power session, you are going to leave feeling CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED, and READY to make a healthy lifestyle change that will last this year.  This includes a 90-minute health coaching session via Skype, a 15 minute follow-up session two weeks later, and unlimited email support during the two weeks. 


FOR MY SWISS RESIDENTS: There is the option to bank transfer as payment, and the cost is 157 CHF.