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Turkey Wine Cork Placecards_1

Turkey Wine Cork Place Cards

For whatever reason, I have always liked to have place cards at my Thanksgiving table (you may have noticed here and …

DIY Boyfriend Jeans_3

DIY Boyfriend Jeans

One time in fifth grade I wore my mom’s jeans to school. They had big rips in the knees and I felt like a cool kid fo…

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DIY Bachelorette Sash_3

DIY Bachelorette Sash

Yet again, there have already been a few weekends this year that I wished it didn’t take a 20-hour travel …


DIY Rocket Man Jetpack

My nephew, Noah, and I were playing house the other day. I was the mom and he was the dad and cousin Evie was our dau…

flip flop coasters_2

Flip Flop Wine Coasters

I have to say I have a pretty good memory, though it’s not always useful. I’m really good at remembering …

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egg carton daffodils - 30

DIY Egg Carton Daffodils

My friends from the Pacific Northwest always talked about how California didn’t have seasons, but I had no idea what …

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fringe bikini - 18

DIY Fringe Bikini

We took a mid-winter tropical escape to a little island called Seychelles off the coast of Africa. We marked it our “…


Thanksgiving Placecards Three Ways

This Thanksgiving is going to be quite an affair. The location is 81st and Columbus, at the start of the Macy’s…

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