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flip flop coasters_2

Flip Flop Wine Coasters

I have to say I have a pretty good memory, though it’s not always useful. I’m really good at remembering …

fringe bikini - 18

DIY Fringe Bikini

We took a mid-winter tropical escape to a little island called Seychelles off the coast of Africa. We marked it our “…


The Arnold Palmer

As I’m sitting in my apartment watching the rain fall on this mid-May day, I am dreaming of summer afternoons w…


DIY Swimsuit Wrap for Summer

I have 5 best girlfriends from high school and I feel like one lucky lady. The older we get, the harder it is to see …

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Neon Cabo Wabo Toes

Let’s talk about summer toes for a little bit. I have this odd personal pet peeve that doesn’t allow me t…


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