Somewhere along the way my relationship with food became strained. I loved and hated food simultaneously. I scrutinized every thing I ate, counted every calorie and tried every possible diet.

Caitlin’s advice has helped me heal the relationship I had with food.  As a health coach, Caitlin carefully listened to my needs and worked together with me to help me formulate and reach my health goals. Her meal plans were healthy, delicious and, best of all, easy to make. And her daily tips were always on point.
Emilia S.

Within these 6 months, my life has been turned. I have never been the healthiest person nor the unhealthiest one, but I have always struggle with my weight. And although you cannot say I am heavily overweight, it seem that I am always at the limit. I started the program with just one goal on my mind: get off the kilos I have gained after having my 2 kids – 15Kg. But I never imagined that this would be the least of my priorities at the end of this program…again thank you for that!

Your program help me to understand how my body works, how I can be healthy without feeling like an outsider, made the right choices and see food like my ally and not my enemy. It made me realize that to get to where I would like to be, I just needed to do what I would do if I was already there. Your encouragement, tips and councils where always at the right time when needed. I did it by myself, but you were the best support someone can have.

I have change not only my eating habits, from the long-life dieting to eat good and healthy because this is just for me; to drinking more water once I realize how much I need it and start exercising more often because it will increase my energy and boost my self-esteem. All these little changes were huge!!

My mind and body are today in peace with myself, I am not anymore thinking in terms of calories, diets, not eating and just feeling sorry for all I cannot do or how I am. Today I am glad to say I feel happy, happy with my life (my whole family saw a change and we all change because of that), happy with my approach to food and everything around it, happy to be able to keep up with my kids, husband and work, happy for the fact that something did change: ME!

I really appreciate all you did to help me, this is a great program that not only will help you loose weight (I did lost 3 Kg) but making you realize that life is not about how much you weight, but how happy you are…and this at the end will turn into losing weight without even think about it.
Andrea Z.

Meal Plan Testimonials

With your 4 week meal plan + exercise, I lost 2 kilo as a result and am feeling better than ever since the baby was born. Thank YOU!
Deja P.

I love that Caitlin’s recipes are delicious, nutritious, and easy to make. They fully satisfy the foodie in me, from the cooking side, with a couple of easy tricks to fancy up your meals, and of course from the pleasure of eating them. I had fallen into a trap of grabbing whatever was at hand, due to feeling I had no time and was stressed out from being a stay at home mom and also trying to start my own business. Caitlin’s meal plan and support throughout has been instrumental in getting me back on track and feeling healthy and energetic. I love to cook, and I strive to eat healthy, but I have always shied away from some even simple healthy ingredients to use in my cooking, and instead have often relied on pastas or supplemented a meal with a slice of bread or something similar. With Caitlin’s meal plan, I have learned how to use many new healthy ingredients and feel like I can now feed myself and my family really well.
Julie N.

At the time I started the program, I was starting my new business, and I saw myself going down a slippery slope by either grabbing quick processed foods or not eating at all. Yet this was the time I needed energy the most! Caitlin’s program took the angst out of finding the time to shop and cook healthy meals for me and my family. Caitlin has an eye for detail and is the most supporting cheerleader: she cheered me on in the best way as I fell in love with food again. I would recommend her to everyone – big or small, stressed or bored – her program helps people re-learn the joy in food!
Mallory N.

I love, love, love the recipes! They are all delicious, healthy, unique and simple to make. So many have become staples in our household now. Thank you, Caitlin, because I’ve tried so many other recipe plans before and always failed to keep them up.
Lisa C.

I’ve loved all the recipes so far, especially the pork. I would have never thought to cook it with apples like your recipe. Only a week in and I feel totally reset after the holidays! And the best part is- the meals are boyfriend approved!
Daniela J.

Since being on the meal plan, my resting heart rate has decreased, and I’ve lost 3-5 pounds without trying too hard. It was also fun trying new recipes and new concepts in cooking – like coconut oil, ghee, and the grains like millet and buckwheat.
Cathy W.

Through easy and and delicious healthy recipes, meal plans, health tips, and real life ramblings, I hope to inspire you to find the right measurements to create your own happy and healthy life. One teaspoon at a time.

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