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“Somewhere along the way my relationship with food became strained. I loved and hated food simultaneously. I scrutinized every thing I ate, counted every calorie and tried every possible diet.

Caitlin’s advice has helped me heal the relationship I had with food. As a health coach, Caitlin carefully listened to my needs and worked together with me to help me formulate and reach my health goals. Her meal plans were healthy, delicious and, best of all, easy to make. And her daily tips were always on point.” – Emilia S.

Beet Hummus

I can’t say I have always loved a variety of good-for-you foods. I grew up a pretty picky eater, with mashed potatoes being my favorite

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“I have done several diets in the past and tried to cut off food that I knew that did not bring any nutrition without success. When I met Caitlin, I did not know what to expect and to be honest, I thought that Caitlin would give me a list of food not to eat and and a daily calorie intake. I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG.

Caitlin’s method is more subtle and very effective. With her coaching skills, she coached me to slowly cut off certain foods. It was so subtle that you do not realize it all . Adding to this, Caitlin provides very yummy recipes that WORK and taste very nice. Thanks to her, I changed my way of eating, my way of looking at food and I even lost some weight (which was not the aim) but hey, wonderful. Thank you very much and yes, I would recommend Caitlin to anyone who is looking for an alternative to diets and wants more of a lifestyle change.” – Assia M.

How to Make Fresh Pumpkin Puree


This simple recipe uses organic pumpkins


Our recipe ideas will help you meet your health goals.